Raul Montana and Nicole Fernandes

Ts playground is back again today and we have quite the special surprise for you today in store. You get to watch a shemale with jet black hair as she gets her time to play with a guy named Raul Montana. Her name is Nicole Fernandes and you can see in this preview that she looks smoking hot. She just loves to fuck and if it were up to her, according to her, fucking is all she’d be doing all day every day. And do rest easy knowing that she likes to go out of her way to fuck as often as possible as well. Anyway, let’s take a seat and enjoy her tsplayground scene today, as she graces you with that hot body of hers for the whole scene here today!

As soon as the scene starts off, you get to see the hot and sexy Nicole as she gets around to show off her body in a sensual strip session to you and Raul as he waits on the bed for her. And on top of that she’s packing on her smoking hot red and black lingerie set with thigh high stockings that makes her look absolutely incredible. Anyway, take your time to watch her eventually get down and dirty with the guy and you can see her enjoying this superb scene with her as she gets to spread her legs and let the guy fuck her nice and deep in the ass today. So have fun with it and of course do come back again next week when we’ll have more scenes for you!


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TS Playground Rafaella Ferrari

Another fresh week and time to see a new ts playground scene just like we promised last time. And as you know, we always aim to bring you the best of the best. Without exception. We want this site to be your number one visiting spot if you’re in the mood to see some hot trannies fuck hard and on that note, we prepared for you this lovely scene right here with the hot blonde shemale Rafaella Ferrari. And you can tell by her name that she’s a cute Latino tranny and all you need to know about her is that she just adores sex as well. Let’s get to see her in some amazing and hot action for this afternoon today and check her tsplayground scene out!


As soon as the scene starts, this cutie makes her entry to the scene and you can see that she was sporting some kinky lingerie, and the guy is waiting on the bed for her. Of course, she wants to take her time to parade her sexy body on camera for you all first so you can see her taking off that outfit to reveal even some very very sexy tanlines on her incredible body. Take your time to see her taking the cock nice and deep in the ass as she rides it reverse cowgirl style too, after she’s done with all that sensual and sexy teasing of course. Well, with that being said, we’ll see you all next week with more new and hot scenes that you just need to check out!

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Max and Gaby

Hey there guys and gals. Here we are once again and you get some more exclusive ts playground scenes this afternoon once again. You just need to sit back and relax as you get to check out a new hot tranny that gets her eager hole pleased for the afternoon, and Max is there to use his big cock to make sure that that happens without fail. Her name is Gaby and she’s a blonde with long hair and brow eyes that likes to smile quite a lot. She likes to smile even more when she fucks because of course it pleases her quite a lot. So let’s get to check her out in action this afternoon with her fuck session and see how big her grin gets in this tsplayground scene today!

As the scene begins, you just need to see Gaby show off her sex skills as well as she takes Max’s pants off and whip out his cock. She then starts to suck and slurp on it with a passion and she has his dick hard like stone before you know it. Well Max takes off her panties and bends Gaby over as he now needs to reward her skills with some good old fashion ass fucking too. Let’s just take the time to see the hot and sexy shemale Gaby as she gets to bend over and take that cock doggie style in her nice round ass today as she moans in pleasure. We bet you’ll like it too and of course, more will come in next week’s update as well. So stay tuned!


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TS Playground Gallery

Well, here it is, the new and fresh ts playground scene that’s ready for you to check out without delay and we know that you’ll love the view of these gorgeous scenes. In this gallery you get to see an eager little couple to be sure, as they get to have their fun as soon as the cameras start to roll and they have this nice and big bed all to themselves to play on. Rest assured that the cameras caught every single angle possible of them getting to have their fun and you just have to check it all out today. So let’s not delay this any longer either as we bet you are also very much interested to see this tsplayground show unfold without delay today too.

When the show starts off, you can see these two taking their time to undress one another in the midst of kissing and caressing as well. And on top of that the guy gets to tease this trannie’s ass and cock with his mouth as well to start things off. And after that, the dark haired beauty had little to do do be honest in order to get him hard as he already was. So watch this sexy shemale spread her legs for the guy and see her moan in pleasure while she takes her hard style ass fucking for the whole afternoon. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay and you definitely have to check back in next week as well for even more amazing and hot scenes too. Bye bye for now!

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Max and Gabriella

Well hello there again once more. We come back with some more juicy and sensual ts playground scenes for you to check out just like before. And we get to show off even more juicy galleries to you all, featuring as always, some all new and all fresh fuck scenes with the lovely and hot trannies that you all love and adore so much. So today let’s get it rolling as you get to see the hot and sexy babe Gabriella in some more naughty action just like in her scenes before. And you can bet that she’s down to do every single naughty thing that she wants in this whole scene as well. Let that show roll without delay and let’s watch her get some action.

As soon as those tsplayground cameras start to roll, the babe and the guy go at it and they are all over one another’s cocks. The babe gets hers treated specially by the guy first and then she’s the one the get around to suck Max’s cock as well to make sure he’s hard as a diamond. Then you can watch them spending their time with one another fucking each other hard style for the rest of the gallery and your viewing pleasure of course. So take your time to see Gabriella showing off her sex skills one more time for you and enjoy. We’ll bring you even more new hot shemales in action next week, so make sure that you come around to check them out!


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TS Playground Max and Bianca

Another fresh week and time to see just like always a brand new and juicy ts playground update with some more sexy trannies getting to do some hard fucking as well. This lovely week’s scene brings you the smoking hot and sexy tan lined babe by the name of Bianca and she gets to play together with Max today along with his nice and big dick too. She was more than happy to get to have Max all for herself though as the guy packs quite a nice and big cock and her ass is always hungry for the biggest to stretch her out nice and wide. So let’s watch Bianca and Max have some fun in their tsplayground scene today shall we? we know you want to see it too!


This horny tranny was so eager to ride this guy’s fat meat that as soon as they start you can see her pushing him on the bed, taking off most of her clothes, save for her leather boots and whips out his cock to start working it. See her juicy and luscious lips working that meat until it’s rock hard, which also takes her very little to do, and then you can see her take her spot on top of it. See this slutty tranny moan as she bounces up and down the cock and enjoy the glorious and gratuitous show that she gets to put on for you all today. Well, take care for now and enjoy it. We’ll bring you another new one next week, so just stay tuned to check it out!

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Hot Blonde Solo

Well this week’s scene is sure to impress as well. Welcome back to ts playground and welcome to some more naughty galleries with some hot trannies that get to be naughty for your viewing pleasure. Today we would want to bring you another new scene that will be quite fitting to your tastes and you will see in just a bit what it’s all about. This is one of those scenes that you just have to see an check out as it has one smoking hot and sexy shemale playing with herself inside and you can enjoy her naughty solo session in her tsplayground scene here for today. Let’s just get the show going and see her in some solo action shall we?

She’s going to be taking her place in your fantasies quite fast, we’re sure. She’s a beautiful blonde with an amazing body and a love for all lingerie that makes her look super sexy as well. And the black one that she chose for this occasion? simply dreamy. Well watch her parading her body around as she poses sensually and sexy for you from every angle possible and you can see her showing off. Anyway, the culmination of her scene, is when she gets to lay on her back and whip out her big cock for you and you can then see her masturbating for your viewing pleasure too. See her jack off and blow her load at the end and we’ll bring you more next week!


TS Playground – Andressa Lyra

Today’s ts playground scene is quite refreshing as you can see and we bet you’ll love taking the time to enjoy it too. The tranny that we have here for you along with a fuck buddy of hers, get to play in the pool for the afternoon and it all makes for one incredibly hot an sexy scene to check out too. The name of this lovely little babe is Andressa Lyra and she has long black hair with some body curves that are sure to impress as well. So let’s get to check out the action that she got to take part in as the tsplayground cameras begin to roll today as we bet that you want to see just what this eager little tranny is all about in her kinky little scene here as well.


Well first thing that you get to watch, is this pair getting to play in the pool and cool off, but as the babe was getting more and more horny, the guy noticed her unides getting a bigger and bigger bulge as she was getting more and more excited too. Check it out and watch this babe and the guy getting out of the water and you can see them starting to have some nice foreplay sessions as they get to play on the side. And soon enough you can watch the sexy Andressa as she gets to be fucked in the ass fast and hard from behind too. Enjoy her play session here today and do come back again next week for another new and hot update!

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Kitty Kaiti

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new and hot ts playground scene today. Well we know how much you adore seeing these hot and cute ladyboys getting plowed nice and deep every week with their incredible scenes and today we want to show you the most precious looking little hottie that will turn your world on it’s head. Even for a tranny, Kitty Kaiti looks adorable and well behaved, and you’d think she’s really shy too. But you couldn’t be more wrong as this horny little babe loves nothing more than having a nice and big cock shoved in her nice and tight ass as well. Let’s watch her tsplayground scene here today to see her in action!

So one thing to remember about Kitty, is that if she sees some guy she wants, she’s going to do anything she can to have his cock reaching nice and deep in her ass. And even with today’s stud, she didn’t even have to go down on him to get the guy hard as a rock. She just dirty talked to him when she got all over him and when she whipped out his cock it was already rock hard and ready to party. So watch her spreading those eager long legs for him and see her taking it balls deep in the ass while she makes cute moans today. Be sure to check back again soon, who knows, maybe this pettite and slender shemale will come back and put on another great show for you all to see!


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TS Playground Johnny and Emmy

Hey there guys. We’ve come back this week with a brand new and fresh ts playground scene for you to check out and of course it’s just incredible too. Today you get to see the sexy and lovely tranny Emmy in some action with the big dicked Johnny and together they had a huge amount of fun in front of the cameras. We can tell you right now that you will just adore the cute and lovely Emmy right here as she has this tendency to make everyone fall for her. And that’s not really hard with her being as energetic as she usually is along with her devilish good looks as well. Anyway, let’s get this show going and let’s check out a superb new scene with this cutie getting to play naughty.


As the tsplayground cameras start to roll, Emmy makes her entry to the guy waiting for her on the bed. And straight up, this lovely little cutie can be seen sporting nothing but her high heels and her white thigh high stockings as well. Watch her sucking Johnny off to make sure that his cock is rock hard and lubed and then you can see her own dick flop around while she gets to take it nice and deep in her ass as well. Enjoy the sight of this babe with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes as she gets to have her sexual fun for the cameras and you. We’ll have some more all fresh and all new scenes next week as well so make sure you come around to check them out!

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