TS Playground Video – Gaby Abelha

Another fresh week and time for another ts playground video to be delivered to you as promised. Well, as you know, this IS the go to place when you want to see hot shemales with superb bodies and cute faces getting naughty and nasty and the ones here are always craving cock too. We bring you the hot and sexy Gaby Abelha, that you got to see in past scenes as well, along with another shemale buddy of hers and today they get to play the whole afternoon with this lucky guy, and you can bet that they both took turns to fuck him as well before the video was over. So let’s just get this tsplayground show on the road to see the action.

As the video begins, you can see our two horny trannies playing with one another dressed in some very revealing and sexy schoolgirl outfits. And by the time they get to show those slender curves and sexy butts on cam, the guy comes in the scene as well and you can see him toying with their buttholes to prep them for his cock too. See them taking turns to bounce up and down his fat cock first and then like we said, you can see them taking their turn to get to fuck the guy in the ass as well. Either way, it makes for a gorgeous video and we bet you’ll love it too. Enjoy and do check out the past scenes too for some even more tranny sex action too!

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TS Playground Video – Britney and Alex

Hi there guys and gals. We have a special scene to show you this fine week and we know you’ll enjoy it quite a lot too. This scene has a juicy video inside of a hot tranny fucking hard and her video is the stuff of dreams to be sure. She’s a blonde hottie with blue eyes and a great body, and if that combo isn’t impressive we don’t know what is. Her name is Britney and she gets to show off a bit before Alex comes into the scene as well to play with her. It’s the same Alex you got to see in many past scenes and he’s here just for this little cutie to enjoy. Anyway, let’s waste no more time and just get to see the tsplayground action going down in this one shall we?

Did we mention that little miss Britney here is Latino too? Well either way, you can be sure that you get to see one incredibly hot and sizzling scene with the hot babe today. So let’s just get to it and see her starting the video with some kinky teasing as she shows off her glorious curves. Then Alex comes in and eats out her ass to get her even more horny and in the mood too. And after that? Well, a nice and classy ass fucking marathon, what else. Take your time to see this cutie of a blonde tranny moan loudly in pleasure the whole way through and enjoy the view of her juicy sex scenes. We’ll have another video ready for you next week as well!

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Beatricy Velmont and Yago

Welcome back as usual. Well, you came right in time for another new and fresh ts playground scene here today. And we have quite the treat for you in this one with the juicy and sexy Beatricy Velmont and her fuck buddy Yago this afternoon as they get to have their fun. Yago is a fine black stud packing some serious meat and he’s more than happy to let miss Bea here enjoy the feel of his hard man meat in her ass too. Beatricy is one of those trannies that truly likes it rammed hard in the ass and today’s tsplayground scene shows her doing that plenty too.  Well let’s get the show on the road and see these two fucking hard today shall we?

As soon as the show begins, you can see Bea taking her time to worship that black cock and work it with her juicy lips until it’s hard like a rock and all ready to plow her. She does like to tease as well, so you can see her doing that to Yago too. Anyway, once she bends over and Yago goes inside her eager hole, you can see this beauty moaning. And as soon as he starts to ram her tight ass with his cock she starts to feel like she’s in heaven. So enjoy the sight of this amazing update here and we’ll be back again as always with more stuff next time. But for now just make sure that you check all of the images with this sensual brunette here!


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Tori, Mandy and Mitchell

Well, it’s that time of the week again, and you know what that means. It’s time for a new ts playground scene to be showed off and you get to enjoy it here first exclusively as usual. And this one is quite juicy to say the least as you get to see not one, not two, but three very lovely and sexy trannies that all love to get naughty and kinky. And for today’s sexy scene, they get to do that with one another for the whole duration as you can clearly see. So let’s take the time and see them have the time of their lives with one another in the tsplayground session today without delay. We know you want to see it too and rest assured that you will not be disappointed with it!


All three of them make their entry and each and every one is sporting a nice and sensual outfit as well. One has short blonde hair in a pixie cur, another has pink dyed hair that goes to her shoulders and the last babe, jet black hair that is also shoulder long. Enjoy seeing them starting this show off with some kissing and caressing and cock sucking as well to prep each other’s cocks for the next part of the scene. Then you can see them taking turns to have some hard style anal sex with one another in this threesome and it’s just incredible to behold. Have fun seeing them enjoy themselves today and have fun with the scene too. Come back soon for more!

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Shemale Dildo Fuck

Well hello yet again and welcome once more to your favorite source of tranny action, ts playground once again. We have some more amazing scenes for you to check out of course and due to popular demand we have another solo session with a tranny babe. You guys wanted to see another sexy shemale in action just by herself with the cameras and we catered to that need today. So let’s simply sit back and check out this juicy ebony shemale as she gets to have some nice and fun times all by herself with her toys in today’s tsplayground scene. All you need to do is just sit back and make sure that you don’t skip over any of the images in her scene.

So she of course shows up when the scene begins and sporting a nice and sensual lingerie set on herself as well. She looked incredible and first thing to go is her panties as she needs you to check out her perfect round ass first and foremost and her cock. Then she gets to show off her big round tits too as she plays with them. Well after that she whips out her trusty big dildo and you can see her starting to play with it. Soon enough she takes it to her ass and as she bends over you get to watch her fuck herself in the ass with it for your pleasure as well as hers. We hope you’ll take your time to enjoy it and more will follow next week as well. Have fun guys!


TS Playground Jenna Rachels and Spencer

Another fresh week and time to check out some new and fresh ts playground scenes just like always. We want you to see this week’s gallery without fail as there’s another hottie all ready to play for you. Her name is Jenna Rachels and as you can clearly see, she’s a blonde packing a smoking body that she always likes to use to tease. And since you got to see Spencer play last week with another cutie and fully please her, well, he got to play with Jenna here for today’s lovely tsplayground scene. Well, the show with these two is bound to be magical to check out so let’s just roll those cameras and let the show go to see what happens for this one!


The hot blonde wasted no time as soon as the scene starts as she was eager to fuck and when she whips out Spencer’s cock she’s quite happy to get to find out that it’s quite nice and bi too. So watch her as she gets around to suck and slurp on it with a passion for today’s amazing and incredible scene. And when she has him prepared you get to watch the cute and sexy miss Jenna spread her sexy long legs and get that cock plowing her anally as hard as she wants. So enjoy seeing her have some good times today with the guy and enjoy the view of it all. We’ll bring you much more next week if you happen to drop by too. See you all then!

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Baitong and Spencer Fox

Well this week’s new and hot ts playground scene gets to show you even more juicy shemales in action and you will enjoy this one for sure. This week we get to show you a nice and hot little thing by the name of Baitong, and from the name you can tell that she’s of Thai descent. This cutie of a babe is all ready to play with Spencer Fox today on camera and you get to see every single thing that she likes to do while fucking in her scene here today too. Let’s just get the tsplayground scene going as this scene must be observed without fail. Baitong is just too perfect in front of the cameras and you must see her play with this guy today!

The cameras roll and the cutie and the guy make their entry. You get to see the babe tease first and foremost as she also undresses, keeping just her high heel shoes on. And once that’s done the guy gets to join her in her play session as well and the two can be then seen doing a nice sixty nine session with one another as they suck each other’s cocks. And Baitong looks just soo adorable when she gets to do that as well with those green eyes watching you. Anyway, see this cutie getting a nice ass fucking after that and see her letting the guy blow his load on her beautiful body at the end of it all when she’s gotten to cum as well. Have fun with it!


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TS Playground Solo Gallery

Today’s new and fresh ts playground scene is sure to entice you fully when you get to see it go down. It features another superbly hot and sexy shemale in action of course and you can take your time to check it all out this afternoon. This scene brings you another Latina tranny as you can see and just like you can expect, she’s packing an incredibly sexy looking boy as well and she’s all ready to tease and play with herself all afternoon long for you. Let’s get her juicy scene started and see this tsplayground session go down without any more delays as this is one of those scenes that you just have to check out without any excuse.

As this hottie of a tranny starts her little session you can see her making her entry wearing a superbly sexy outfit that fit nice and tight around her body. Giving you gorgeous peeks at her lovely shapes before she starts undressing. So take your time to see her exposing her big and round boobs for you to check out today to start off and after she fondles them for a while, you can see her taking off those panties too to show you her cock. Sit back and watch her starting to stroke it and enjoy the view of her masturbating fast and hard for the rest of the scene until she manages to blow her load all over herself as well. Have fun with the scene like always and come back soon!

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Spencer Fox and Aline Tavares

Hey there again everyone, ts playground is back in black today as we get to see some more new galleries featuring hot and sizzling trannies getting to have some passionate sex on camera for you once again. Well this week let us introduce you to the hot and smoking hot miss Aline Tavares. She’s of course a Latino tranny with that passionate Spanish blood running though her veins and you can bet that that is fully visible in the way she likes to fuck as well. Let’s just get to check out her juicy action scene today and see this gorgeous babe have her time in this tsplayground scene for the afternoon with a nice and passionate fuck session!

Well let’s just get on with it as we bet you want to see the sexy dark haired beauty Aline in some kinky action today without delay. We’re sure you’ll fall for her charm as well, but sadly you’ll just have to settle for watching her as she gets to play today. See her sucking the guy’s big cock with her lips and then see her butt getting a nice licking as well to be prepped. And after that she gets to bend over on all fours on the bed as the guy takes her from behind. So watch her moan in pleasure as she gets her anal plowing from him and enjoy the whole view. We’ll see you all again next week with some all new and all fresh scenes just like always!


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TS Playground Threesome

Hey there guys. Here’s a new and hot ts playground scene that you can all enjoy and this one is a tad special as you can clearly see, because in this one we don’t just have one tranny getting her ass plowed. No, this week we wanted to show off a scene featuring a blonde tranny along with her lady friend as they get to have some sweet action from this guy for the afternoon and they got to walk away afterwards fully satisfied, the both of them. And they made sure to make the guy work on them until he was spent too. Well let’s watch them having fun here at the tsplayground and see one more glorious and hot scene today without delay!


This threesome with them ends up bring truly incredible and you just have to see each and every single image in their little update here today. Watch as the two babes team up with those juicy lips and tongues and you can see them working the guy’s cock to make sure that he was rock hard for the next step. Then they get to take their turns to have their holes fucked nice and deep by him as they moan in pleasure. But we think that the best part, is when the tranny gets to take it in the ass and at the same time she fucks her friend’s sweet and tight pussy too. Have fun withy this amazing scene here and come back around next time for even more juicy and hot galleries!

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